Whether you are a new writer or a seasoned professional, query letters and manuscript submissions can seem daunting. Allow me to assist you in creating a query that is uniquely yours and submission-ready.

All query letters will be critiqued for tone, clarity, and hook. I will also assist you with your author bio by providing my comments and suggestions in your Word Document and will be available via email or Skype to discuss further.

For fiction picture books and 1st 10 pages of a manuscript, I will provide comments and suggestions on style, tone, pacing, character development, voice, and story arc as well as provide a list of comparative titles regarding your subject.

For non-fiction picture books, I will provide the same services for fiction picture books, but I will also assist you in commenting on back matter and provide suggestions for additional research topics pertaining to your work.

For non-fiction book proposals, I will provide comments on style, organization, and critique your table of contents and sample chapter for clarity, tone, voice, and overall message for the work-in-progress. I will comment and make suggestions on further research topics for back matter, end notes, and sidebars. I will also provide a list of comparative titles on your topic.

Please note that critiquing your work does not guarantee a contract with an agent, editor, or publisher.

Select the type of service right for you:
Query Letter & Non-Fiction Book Proposal Critique
Query Letter & 10-page Proposal Critique
Query Letter & Picture Book Critique